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Although registering a trademark or servicemark is not compulsory, there are many distinct advantages of registering a trademark or servicemark:

The trademark or servicemark is a legal presumption of your ownership of the mark and your exclusive     right to use the mark in the country where it is registered and thus protected

By registering your mark, you officially notify the public of your claim of ownership of the servicemark or    trademark which represents your service or product

Registering your trademark or servicemark in your own country sanctions and allows you to apply for legal    protection in other countries as well

You have the right to take legal action concerning the trademark or servicemark since your trademark or    servicemark is legally protected

At Emirates Intellectual Property Services, we are committed to protecting your trademark and servicemark, guarding against infringement and enforcing your rights in our coverage area which includes the Gulf, GCC and the entire Middle East. We offer the following services as a part of our service portfolio:

Free trademark/servicemark watch services
Trademark availability search and analysis
Prosecution and renewals of trademark application
Recording of licenses, assignments, mergers and registered user of trademark/servicemark rights
Filing/defending trademarks/servicemarks opposition and cancellation actions
Market surveys
Administrative procedures


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