Intellectual Property UAE

As a pioneering force in the dynamic field of Intellectual Property Laws in the United Arab Emirates, Middle East and Northern Africa. To achieve our mission we appoint highly qualified professionals to provide effective and practical solutions to our clients in all IP issues.

We expertly monitor the global IP rights movement to assess its impact on our clients and forge partnerships and alliances with our clients to develop the best strategic approaches to manage their Intellectual Property and offer advise and assistance regarding all aspects of protecting and enforcing their Intellectual Property rights.

Amicable Dispute Resolution

Although our clients always have a legal option to settle their claims and disputes, our mission is to resolve disputes as amicably as possible through discussion, negotiation and arbitration between the concerned parties so that costs and damages are kept to minimum levels. To this end, we identify the concerned parties and help them to engage in a dialog based on rational principles. Our dispute resolution record is impressive and our success rates are high.


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