Intellectual Property UAE

We are one of the competent Intellectual Property consulting firm in the UAE, Middle East and Northern African countries specializing in the protection of IP assets such as patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights issues.

  Our consultants hold relevant degrees which gives them a strategic domain edge in  managing     intellectual property.

  We closely monitor the global IP movement and IP trends to leverage our clients' intellectual property     assets and to provide quality direction and assistance.

  Because of our extensive network of associated offices, we can protect Intellectual Property rights     worldwide through international registrations, enforcement and ongoing monitoring mechanisms

  Our physical proximity to the UAE Patent and Trademark Office allows us to closely supervise the     submission and processing of all IP applications, and conduct follow-up with the concerned officials.

 Our expertise in the areas of licensing and development agreements, multi-party contracts and     country- specific searches allows us to gain a strategic edge over our competitors and better serve our     clients in all aspects of Intellectual Property matters.

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